Saturday, April 12, 2014

Building A List With IMSC Rapid Mailer - NO MONTHLY FEES!


You're building a list, aren't you? Cause if you're not, then you're losing on the most effective opportunity to earn from Internet Marketing.

Now if you're building a list, let's talk about IMSC Rapid Mailer... If you've been working with any of the autoresponders like getresponse, or aweber, you already know that the experience with these autoresponders is less than optimal.

There've been crashes, delays... And worst. Most of the time, these autoresponders flat out refuse to do your bidding. They'll reject your list import requests, enforce double opt-in... Do everthing possible to make your business more difficult.

But - here's a solution

What this Wordpress plugin does, is let you mail your list from right into your wordpress console. You can mail to any list, just put in the Email IDs.

It works with your local server's SMTP, or even any external SMTP that you want to use. Which means you can use services like Sendgrid and get the full advantage of great deliverability along with features like trackings of opens, clicks and other stats.

I am planning to use IMSC Rapid Mailer as a backup to my existing account with the autoresponders. You never know when you'll need one in the current state of things.

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