Sunday, June 29, 2014

Switch Off A Scary Panic Or Anxiety Attack In 60 Seconds!


A deceptively simple yet powerful secret that allowed me to get practically instant relief from panic anxiety attack, on command. Something that you can do absolutely anywhere at any time -- so subtle that nobody around you will even notice you're doing it. You might be wondering just like I did... how can something so simple really work? And... will it work for anybody? Will it work for ME?


As Anna revealed to me... not only is the secret behind her unique 60 Second Panic Anxiety Attacks Solution  based on cutting-edge science... it has been known to ancient Chinese medicine, Buddhist monks and Indian Yogis for thousands of years. Because as she explained, there is a powerful connection between your mind and body. Specifically, your thumb and index finger and the most primitive part of your brain that triggers your survival instinct. People who practice body-mind exercises like ancient Yoga have known this amazing connection has existed for a long time,  Anna said. 


And now, scientific research is catching up:

In fact,  Anna combined recent scientific breakthroughs in fields such as embodied cognition and neurophysiology to create the core principle behind the 60 Second Panic Anxiety Attacks Solution...  The result, I can tell you, is almost instant. You can literally switch off a scary panic or anxiety attack in 60 seconds -- before it strikes and overpowers you.


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