Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Being in the Mood for Weight Loss

Many people spend their lives either stressed or bored so they really find themselves in a no win situation, and gaining weight can make people become even more stressed and self conscious so they lock themselves away, become bored and keep on munching. In order to really achieve their weight loss goals they've got to get out of this destructive routine.

The idea of being overweight can very often start in the mind so it stands to reason that if you can get your mind healthy then a nice, slim body may follow. Aromatherapy can do a lot to help lift the mood and become less stressed, it can also help to suppress the urge of reaching to the fridge for a pick me up - you won't need a pick me up at all.

Thinking about aromatherapy and the different oils which can help your weight loss efforts it is important to remember that we are all different. Different people do react very differently to different oils - there is no one size meets all solution. Just because particular oil works for one person it really doesn't mean that it will work for everybody else.

Different oils also react differently depending upon how you use them. Oils can be inhaled, added to bathwater, massaged or burned, all of which can help to affect our moods.

The Oils Which Help Your Mood for Weight Loss

Cravings - if you have a sweet tooth and are constantly craving candies and cookies try the sweet smell of Vanilla oil - the sweet smell should satisfy your craving for something sweet to eat.

Stress - there are a number of different oils which may help to relax and calm the mind to combat stress. These include frankincense, jasmine, ylang ylang, lavender, grapefruit, geranium, rose, sandalwood, benzoin, bergamot, mandarin, vetiver and roman chamomile.

Uplifting - if your spirits are in need of a boost then the sunny smell of jasmine oil can really help.

Emotional baggage - Many people carry a hefty portion of emotional baggage through their daily lives without even realizing that it's there. If you are bogged down with emotional baggage which is hampering your weight loss aspirations try juniper berry - it should help any baggage return firmly to where it belongs, in the past.

Depression - The oils which can help to combat depression and therefore weight loss include lemon, grapefruit, frankincense, clary sage, jasmine, ylang ylang, orange, geranium, sandalwood, helichrysum and orange blossom.

Confidence - people who suffer from weight problems very often have problems with confidence issues too. Oils which may help include bay laurel, cypress, bergamot, rosemary and orange.

If you feel that these symptoms are hampering your losing weight goals then why not try giving some of these aromatherapy oils a go. The only thing you have to lose is those extra pounds.

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